Network Cabling

Build Your Company's Business Technology On a Secure Foundation

Your bank's technology relies on good communications, whether through internal data sharing, telephone usage, connecting to the Internet, or your security system. That's why we treat networking and cabling as the start of your system, not an afterthought.

Don't Do Anything Unless You Have a Strategy

Technology and business requirements are constantly changing and improving. Yet the changes that create opportunity can also cause confusion. The right technology strategy can mean the difference between meeting future needs with simple upgrades, and having to start from scratch at great expense! CBC can help you develop a strategy that meets your needs today as well as facilitating tomorrow's opportunities.


Local Area Networks

CBC can provide your company with the best solutions for connecting your workstations. We can handle everything from simple switches to full racks, including complete wireless solutions.

Wide Area Networks

We can implement voice and data solutions that link offices across town or across the country.

VPN and Remote Access

Virtual Private Networks can provide network access for branch offices or traveling employees. We provide VPNs for occasional or extensive use.

Don't Forget Security

Security has become a vital part of networking, especially with Internet access and wireless PCs. Our layered approach to security protects your data physically and electronically.


Design, Layout, and Planning

Once we work with your company to develop your network strategy, CBC designs your networking and cabling system. We lay out the actual wiring closet and equipment placement. Then we develop an implementation plan that is practical and within budget.

Complete Cabling

CBC can install all your cabling in new or existing office spaces. We are experienced with everything from telephone wiring to fiber optics, including audio-video cabling and security wiring. Every line is tested and network cabling is completely certified from end to end.

Wiring Closets

An organized wiring closet (where all your wiring, telephone, and networking equipment is set up) is crucial for efficient operation today and simple upgrades tomorrow. Our wiring closets are so well-arranged and effective that some companies hire us to rework their existing wiring closets. Investing time here will yield dividends for years to come.

Dependable Documentation

Every wire and connection is marked clearly and recorded in your company's system book. This dependable documentation can save hours of time if problems arise, or when you need to expand or upgrade your technology.

Just One Call and We Do It All

If you need to set up a new office, move or revamp an existing location, or add remote access for your sales team, we can handle the entire project from start to finish.

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