IT Planning

CBC Information System Strategic Plan and Documentation

When it comes to IT or your information security, nothing should be done without a strategic plan to guide the bank. Done any other way will result in under utilization of hardware, software, time and money spent. CBC Senior Consultants and Strategists will work with bank management to design and implement a comprehensive, forward thinking IT plan. We are also seeing a yearly IT plan being requested more and more frequently by your friends and ours, the examiners. They ask to see it because they know you can only properly manage bank information systems with a strategic project plan.

What is a Community Banc Consulting, Inc. Strategic IT Project Plan?

  • One to three year proactive project plan
  • Guide for executives and board members to plan expenditures and gauge progress
  • A tool to show the examiners that the bank is properly caring for their information security

What does a Community Banc Consulting, Inc. Strategic IT Project Plan include?

  • Hardware and software acquisitions and upgrades
  • License renewals
  • New solutions
  • Internal IT audits
  • Policy updates
  • Disaster recovery tests
  • Training
  • Documentation
  • The time it will take to complete the items
  • Anything and everything needs to be addressed during that time period
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