IT Personnel Recruiting/Training

What is CBC Executive IT Coaching?

CBC Executive IT Coaching is an ongoing process in which we consistently educate and advise the executives at your bank on the aspects of information technology that they should know as an asset and key executive of your bank. Our common goal is that you and your bank's executives become knowledgeable and comfortable discussing IT issues. We want to open your eyes to the truth about information technology, vendors, compliance and IT security for banks.

You and your executives will learn to:

  • Create detailed, comprehensive strategic plans for budgeting and prioritizing IT expenditures.
  • Manage information systems and users.
  • Maximize purchasing dollars and independence from vendors.
  • Maintain a practical and compliant information security program.


CBC IT Personnel Recruiting

Hiring the right IT personnel is a tough task even for an IT company that knows how to evaluate candidates. Most candidates are good at convincing an interviewer that they are a good candidate. It is a precarious situation for a community bank because it is very difficult to discern if the candidate really knows what they are talking about and if the candidate will perform the job at the level a community bank needs to be secure and compliant.

Community Banc Consulting, Inc. employs a hiring process that we have honed over many years. Early on we made the mistakes that most community banks will have a difficult time avoiding. We can now offer our experience, knowledge and process to help community banks recruit and train their IT personnel.

Our Recruiting Process:

  • We help your bank clearly define the role and responsibility of the position.
  • We develop a profile of the ideal candidate to fill the defined position.
  • We screen candidates for the desired personality traits.
  • Our Senior engineers interview the candidate.
  • We make a recommendation to your bank.
  • We help train your new employee.

CBC IT Personnel Training

The most difficult aspect of owning complex technology systems is having personnel capable of maintaining it. We have been doing this a long time and know that it is difficult to train staff to handle IT work. That is why we know community banks have an especially difficult time because often times the IT departments are either very small or one person. It is easy for people in those situations to develop bad habits or to simply not stay current on the latest technology best practices. We have a team of people that is constantly is learning and training each other. We can bring your IT staff into that learning environment.

  • Your IT staff can train at our facility.
  • We can train your staff at your bank while we work on projects.
  • They can learn as much as they are capable of absorbing.
  • We use the same time tested methods we use with our own staff.
  • Your bank and employees always have the benefit of our IT Documentation.
See how we rate with other community banks for yourself. We would love to work with you!