IT Documentation

We plan. We execute the plan. We document the execution of the plan.

The CBC IT Documentation is a must read and a must have.

In the event of a disaster do you have documentation that specifically explains how to rebuild your network?

Community Banc Consulting, Inc. clients do. Professional detailed documentation is the foundation of a Disaster Recovery Plan. Your bank needs IT documentation.

If your IT staff was gone tomorrow, where would the replacement begin?

Our clients simply give the replacement their CBC IT Documentation.

How do you speed up your exam visits?

Our clients have us show the examiner their CBC IT Documentation. Yes, we will meet the examiners for you.

We will be happy to show the documentation examples privately. If interested, please contact us or call us at 614-848-3189.

We plan. We execute the plan. We document the execution of the plan.

At any time, you will know how your IT Infrastructure is setup and why by referring to your CBC IT Documentation. You will know what hardware you have and what software it is running. You will know how your firewall is configured and how your server is configured.

We document and diagram everything. Our job is to make sure that any IT professional or examiner can look at your CBC IT Documentation and know the lay of the land. We do it to save ourselves future time, but you reap the benefits.

Find out why CBC clients no longer worry about IT. Call CBC at 614-848-3189.

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