Email Solutions

Engineering Your Technology Foundation.

Community Banc Consulting provides secure email solutions for community banks. Our philosophy is for your bank to have control of your email and independence from vendors and unnecessary monthly fees. Handling your own email is easy and more secure than sending all your email out the door to a third party.

CBC Email Solutions Features:

  • Virtualized email servers
  • Exchange set up and configuration
  • Standardized email account naming
  • Email backup management solutions
  • Email remote access
  • Mobile device syncing
  • CBC Documentation
  • Email Acceptable Use Policy
  • Mobile Device Policy
  • Remote Access Policy

If you are interested in learning more about how CBC can help you setup email, please contact us or call:

  • Paul Elder at 614-848-3189 ext. 121
  • Larry Krietemeyer at 614-848-3189 ext. 143
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