Data Backup

How critical is your data?

Would your bank survive if it lost all of its client, inventory, or accounting information? What are you doing to protect it against viruses, electronic corruption, or fire?

  • Backup strategy is reviewed and updated so that it is practical, effective, and secure.
  • Backup logs are reviewed regularly to ensure that all data is accurately stored.
  • System images are periodically archived to speed up emergency recovery.

Data backup system

Why does CBC use imaging software to recover data and servers for community banks?

  • Restoring data from an image is the quickest way to recover the data.
  • A server can be completely restored from an image rather than rebuilding the server piece by piece.

If you would like to know more about how CBC can help your bank securely backup and store data, please contact us or call:

  • Paul Elder at 614-848-3189 ext. 121
  • Larry Krietemeyer at 614-848-3189 ext. 143
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