Anti-Virus/Spam Protection

Virus Attacks

New computer viruses are discovered every day. A virus is a potentially destructive program that easily reproduces itself and spreads to other systems. Side effects may be annoying messages, embarrassing e-mails sent out under your name, or even complete deletion of all your important data.

Virus Protection

We make sure that your servers and computers stay up-to-date with the latest virus protection software. We also educate your users on the proper handling of unknown e-mail attachments and programs.

For virus protection, CBC employs:

  • Enterprise virus protection
  • Centrally managed software
  • Network and local firewall
  • Internal audits

Spam Protection

Spam email can be huge a security threat and time waster for your community bank. CBC has been protecting community bank email and information technology systems for years. We use the latest email security devices and software to meet the needs of community banks.

If your system is managed properly, you should experience very little if any viruses or spam.

To learn more about how CBC can help you with the virus and spam protection, please contact us or call:

  • Paul Elder at 614-848-3189 ext. 121
  • Larry Krietemeyer at 614-848-3189 ext. 143
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