Engineering Your Technology Foundation.

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The Layered Security Approach

We take a layered approach to securing your community bank's network. No single solution can protect you from all avenues that a malicious user could use to gain access to your bank's information systems, but, by combining hardware, software, and good user policies, your systems and data can be well protected.

Can CBC handle all my IT needs?

Yes, we have the experience and staff to handle all your IT concerns. We build and maintain information systems every day. We will not make needless changes and we will integrate and coordinate with all your existing systems and core processors. We will provide your bank with hardware, software, and technical expertise. You will have a solid foundation from which you can build and conduct your business.

Does CBC help me plan my IT budgets?

Yes, CBC uses a proactive approach to help you plan, budget, and prioritize your IT expenditures. You will find that we are invaluable to your decision-making process. You will be confident that you are making the decisions that will have the most positive impact for you and your customers. You will discover that we can do more for less because of our diverse skill sets and the methods we use to service our clients. We are your partner in the growth and success of your bank.

Will using CBC IT Service help me with my compliance issues?

Yes, we meet and exceed all compliance requirements. You will have our valuable IT documentation available at all times. You can focus on running your bank because we are experts in disaster recovery, business continuity, and IT security. As your IT provider, we can meet with examiners for you.

With CBC, instead of worrying about your information systems, you and your customers will rely on them.

CBC provides solutions in the following areas:

IT Strategy and Planning
Network Security
Best Practices Implementation
IT Documentation
Server Maintenance
Server Virtualization
Virtual Private Network
Patch Management
Data Backup/Replication
Network Intrusion Prevention/Detection
Host Intrusion Prevention/Detection
Remote Monitoring
Network Cabling
Internal Audit
Branch Connectivity
Anti-Virus/Anti-Spyware Protection
Anti-Spam Protection
Software Support
Software Integration
Personnel Recruiting/Training
Telephone Systems
Website Deployment
IT Compliance
IT Policy


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