Incident Response Plan

Does your bank really need an Incident Response Policy & Plan?

Yes. Unlike some other policies, a professional, practical Incident Response Policy (IRP) and Plan is actually a useful executable guide to dealing with the chaos that can surround a breach. If done properly, the IRP is a manual that creates a team of bank executives that have roles to execute that are important to protecting the bank and the bank's customers. The IRP will tell your team exactly what they need to do, who they need to contact, and what to say and not say. During a breach and in the ensuing aftermath, your bank will need clarity and direction. An Incident Response Policy and Plan created by CBC will provide both.

Is an IRP a compliance requirement?

Yes, and we are seeing the examiners becoming more strict about it. FFIEC guidelines require your community bank to have a policy and plan to respond to breaches of information security at your bank. Incident response policy and plan must be independent of particular hardware platforms, operating systems, and applications. The primary focus of the document is detecting, analyzing, prioritizing, and handling incidents. The plan identifies and describes the roles and responsibilities of the Incident Response Team.

What is digital forensics?

Depending on the type of breach you experience, it is an area of knowledge your technology staff will need to identify and remediate the cause of the breach. Digital forensics is the investigation and analysis of material found in digital devices. It requires a high level of knowledge and experience with various software and hardware.

CBC can help your bank if you have a breach.

If your community bank needs help investigating and remediating an incident or breach of your information security, we have experienced engineers that can come and help your bank resume normal operations.

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