Compliance and Guidance.

Welcome to the new way your policy will be examined. Examiners are focusing on your policy. Examiners are evaluating policy tougher than ever as they have been directed to be strict on risk management.

Writing policy does not have to be a resource consuming task. Community Banc Consulting, Inc. can write or revise policy for you that is not only compliant but is also an instrument of guidance for the operation of your bank. CBC Policy is thorough, updated, and customized for your bank.

Save yourself the headache and let our experienced compliance officers focus on your policy so that you can focus on your bank.

Why is CBC qualified to write your community bank's policy?

CBC has been a technology and compliance consultant to community banks for over fifteen years. Our dedicated compliance officers shoulder the burden of staying up to date through seminars and their own exhaustive research. We take our responsibility very seriously. We serve as the technology department for several community banks and as third-party auditors for others. We write custom policies for our clients that stand up to the scrutiny of examiners and guide the operation of the bank.

What is the CBC process for writing policy?

First, CBC will examine your existing policy to determine factors such as compliance, gaps, use, enforcement, and training. We will interview management to determine if the policies in place are relevant, accurate and in practical use. The next step will be updating the policies based on our discovery and compliance standards. We then guide you through board approval and training.

Are CBC policies easy to keep updated?

Yes. Your custom policy will be a living document that is intended to be updated. Once you have high quality, organized policy in place, it is easy to update when new regulations or operational changes occur. One problem we have seen from many banks is that they fall behind on their updates due to resource issues. We eliminate that headache by offering update services.

Information Security Program

Information Security Strategic Plan
GLBA, FFIEC Risk Assessment
Information Security Policy
Acceptable Use Policy
Incident Response Policy and Plan
Disaster Recovery Policy and Plan
Business Continuity Policy and Plan
System Documentation
Vendor Management and Service Provider Policy
Vendor Risk Assessment
Internal IT Audits
Executive IT Coaching
IT Personnel Recruiting and Training

If a policy you need is not listed, please inquire about the availability of other policies by contact us or call:

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