Comprehensive IT Audit

You will know the status of your IT systems beyond compliance.

Community Banc Consulting, Inc. will enlighten you to the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure. Our IT professionals have a diverse knowledge base and will help guide you into the future of your information systems by performing a CBC IT Audit.

Why is CBC uniquely qualified to perform my IT audit?

We are not just IT auditors. We are engineers that have been planning and implementing IT infrastructures for over twenty years. We do the real work every day. We constantly learn and study new technology, new threats to information security, and how to stop the threats. We have not seen any other firm perform with the level of care we do. Your IT audit will be conducted with the same care and detail that we employ for our IT service clients.

What type of IT audit will CBC conduct for me?

You can expect our CBC IT Audit to be thorough, unbiased, and brutally honest. Our mission is to provide you with a realistic, valuable evaluation. We are a great fit for banks that desire to know the truth about their IT infrastructure. We check your entire IT Infrastructure to give you an accurate assessment of your bank. Our audit can be tailored to address your areas of concern.

How will CBC deliver the results of my IT audit?

You will benefit from the added value of CBC's results and remediation report. We promptly deliver the initial report which will detail any issues we found and the remediation actions. After discussion with your bank, we then produce a final report that is board and examiner ready. We work for you and our goal is to provide you with valuable information about your IT infrastructure.

Why does CBC not require long term contracts?

Quite truthfully, we have found that using the same company for an IT Audit year after year is counterproductive for our clients and not best practice. The whole point is to have an outside, objective evaluation. When the same company performs an IT Audit for a community bank year after year, the relationship becomes increasingly biased. It also cannot be considered completely external. We provide ongoing IT Service for many community banks. We recommend they get external IT Audits and we recommend they rotate vendors. We welcome the scrutiny of fresh eyes and ideas and so should you.

Do not just get an IT Audit. Get Value. Get a CBC Comprehensive IT Audit.

Info graph of our documentation process: Clock: "save you hours with an examiner." Hardhat: "Be a guide to building your IT infrastructure." Check and cross: "Confirm or deny the health of your IT infrastructure."

See how we rate with other community banks for yourself. We would love to work with you!