CBC has been providing IT Consulting to community banks for over 25 years.

Be efficient. Be compliant. Know.

Community Banc Consulting, Inc. will enlighten you to the strengths and weaknesses of your IT infrastructure. Our IT professionals have a diverse knowledge base and will help guide you into the future of your information systems by performing a CBC IT Audit. You will know the status of your IT systems beyond compliance.
A CBC Comprehensive IT Audit can be the best thing that has happened to your bank this year.

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Why a team approach?

At CBC, we know a strong team gets the best results. An IT audit is not an one person job, it is an intensive process that requires expert level knowledge in many areas. This is why we establish a dedicated team for each IT audit.

Meet your IT Audit Team:

The size of your bank and scope of your audit will determine the exact size of your team but each IT audit team will have one or more individuals fulfilling each of these roles.

IT Audit officer: This experienced auditor will coordinate the team, drive each phase of the audit and report back to you on progress throughout the process.

IT Engineer: A dedicated engineer will examine and evaluate all technical aspects of your audit, noting vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our engineers have years of experience setting up IT infrastructures for banks. They are up to date on best practices and the latest technical solutions for the banking industry.

IT Policy and Documentation officer: This expert will review all aspects of the audit to ensure all compliance and policy needs have been addressed. This person is responsible for making updates to all documentation throughout the audit process. At the conclusion of your audit, your Policy and Documentation officer will produce a detailed report of findings for you, your board, and your records.

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IT Team Approach

We check your entire IT Infrastructure because that is what it takes to ensure you have a secure and efficient system. When we are done you will know good, bad, or ugly. Our mission is to provide you with the most realistic, unbiased audit you have ever experienced. We would not be a good fit for a bank that is not prepared to hear the truth.
To protect against copycats that will over promise and under deliver, we do not list everything we cover on our website. To get a detailed scope of our IT Audit, please contact us or call 614-848-3189.

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We do not want to obligate our clients to us through long term contracts. We want them to continue the relationship because we have provided them immeasurable value. We do not sell contracts. We sell real value. You do not have to worry about us relying on our contract. If your bank requires a contract, we will oblige.

Why does CBC not require long term contracts?

Quite truthfully, we have found that using the same company for an IT Audit year after year is counterproductive for our clients and not best practice. The whole point is to have an outside, objective evaluation. When the same company performs an IT Audit for a business year after year, it becomes increasingly biased. It also cannot be considered completely external. We provide ongoing IT Service for many community banks. We recommend they get external IT Audits and we recommend they rotate vendors. We welcome the scrutiny of fresh eyes and ideas and so should you.

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