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SEO, Marketing, Keywords, Strategy, Metadata, Design, Backlinks, HTML,, IntuitiveWhy is search engine optimization necessary?

The first step to having a useful and successful e-Branch for your community bank is to make sure your target audience can find it. As more and more people research their buying decisions online, community banks must enter the fray. Your community bank probably already has online banking and you know that as web usage rises contact with your staff goes down. Your potential customers go to the internet for their news, entertainment, and information. Can they find you?

What is the single most important factor for search engine optimization?

Content. Good Content. And more content.

Your community bank website needs to have descriptive content for all your products and services. The content needs to be topically relevant and repetitive of key terms and phrases that people search for regarding a topic. CBC has copywriters that specialize in writing content for the web that can help you articulate your brand message for searchability.

The second most important aspect?

Programming. Clean code.

Community Banc Consulting, Inc. employs the latest programming and organic SEO techniques to ensure that your content is highly searchable and indexable by the most popular search engines. Everything is important from how you construct your pages to how you name your page titles. It is our programmer's job to make your content as explorable and categorical as possible.


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Are you driving customers to your bank's website?

A part of having a great website is making sure your target audience can find it. CBC accomplishes this for community banks using search engine marketing. Our first step is to take advantage of all the free tools to increase your site's visibility. If your situation and goals call for it, we then organize pay per click campaigns for your bank. The third step is to make sure you are tracking your results and tweaking your settings and campaigns accordingly.

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