Email Marketing

Do you remember the famous tagline, "Reach out and touch someone"?

The 1980's slogan was intended to encourage Americans to make more phone calls. Although it is now thirty years old, the phrase accurately describes what community banks need to do to market to their existing customers. Your bank needs to reach out to your customer base through nontraditional marketing channels like email.

Why is email marketing right for your bank?

As online banking and mobile banking reduce the amount of face time with your existing customers, your community bank must use alternate means to connect. People even watch less television, read less newspapers, and listen to less radio. People write fewer letters. They are now accustomed to getting important information online and through email. Your bank must be in their inbox. Your bank probably already collects email addresses for online banking and products like e-statements. It is time to start leveraging the power.

How can CBC help your bank get started?

CBC will help your bank:

  • Extract your customer emails from various sources
  • Organize them into an application that facilitates the creation, mailing, and tracking of results of your email
  • Create professional and engaging email templates
  • Start email marketing

If you want to talk to us about email marketing for your bank, please contact us or call:

  • Paul Elder at 614-848-3189 ext. 121
  • Larry Krietemeyer at 614-848-3189 ext. 143
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