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Does it tell your target audience how great your bank is? Does it leave doubt?

Website users directly relate the quality of a bank with the quality of the bank's website. Your e-Branch must be comfortable, usable, and inviting. It must be findable, searchable, and updatable. On top of that it needs to be your best customer service rep, best loan originator, and best networker.
If your e-Branch is going to represent your bank 168 hours a week, it must make the right impact. Make your busiest e-branch your best branch.

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Have you recently received an email from your banking association that is causing panic related to ADA compliance on your website? ADA Website compliance has always been around, but the regulations can be very confusing.

Are you asking yourself:

  • Should I worry?
  • Should I be planning?
  • What are costs?
  • What would we need to do?
  • Where would we even begin?
  • Who can help?

If you have questions or just have no idea what to even ask, CBC is here to help. If you would like practical answers, please contact us or call us at 614-848-3189.


Your e-Branch is your busiest and most accessible branch. Your bank's e-Branch is open for business 24/7 and it connects with people everywhere, anywhere, anytime.


Community Banc Consulting, Inc. designs e-branches (websites) that give your community bank customers that comfortable easy to use feeling they desire.

Content Management

We know that to keep your customers captivated and your e-Branch relevant, you need to be able to easily update the content on your website.

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