CBC has been providing IT Consulting to community banks for over 25 years.

Why CBC?

Compliant. Innovative. Creative.
Community Banc Consulting, Inc. has been providing Compliant, Innovative, and Creative technology and marketing service to banks for over 20 years. CBC is conveniently located in Worthington, OH, a suburb on the north side of Columbus. Our central Ohio location allows us to effectively serve Ohio, and its surrounding states, community banks.
We know that community banks are the strength of their communities. Your bank is expected to be reliable, knowledgeable, and compassionate to its customers and community. We expect nothing less from ourselves.

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CBC believes in a team approach.

We believe that the best way to success is sharing the road along the way. Working as a team helps assist in having clear logical objectives. Each person will play their own role in a project. 

See how we rate with other community banks for yourself. We would love to work with you!